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Valid Questions of an Invalid Quest

What if all the men go to Mars
Leaving mother earth alone to fight her grey wars
Certainly, not hers but they are at a loss
Who always took this blue abode for a toss

What if they don’t find sun kissing mountains there
How will they muster to conquer their fear
I doubt they’ll ever aspire high in their life
No rainbow will be shining after a clouds’ strife

What if there’re no seas and a holy river
How will they dive deep in conquering fervor
I doubt they’ll ever find pearls in the oysters
Shallow waves will hush silently like imposters

What if they don’t find any trees and flowers
How will they learn to smile carelessly for hours
I doubt they’ll bounce upon a friend to embrace
Who shelters a parched soul after a hectic race

What if there are no skies and a moon
How will they find a beauty to swoon
I doubt they’ll ever have shimmering lights so bright
Those that outshines every patch of darkness and blight

Foolish ideas float for an alternative place of birth
Unparalleled, the eutopia of our Mother Earth
The only place fertile by men’s sweat and blood
Heaven is here in God’s only abode.