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Writer. Copy Editor. Translator


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My speciality areas include web content pertaining to Blogs, Web pages, Facebook Ads, Newsletters,  Articles, Stories and Poetic Verses.

Avail Editing Services

My speciality areas include Proofreading, in-depth Editing, evaluating statistical accuracy, fact checking, and improving headlines.

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If you’re a Business Owner, a Blogger, an Anthologist, a Social Media Campaigner, or a Freelancer yourself, discover emerging prospects with me. I don’t make announcements. I prove my writing prowess by delivering quality results.

Business Blogs

Product Pages

Instagram Ads

Social Captions

Flash Fiction

Nano Poetry

Looking for Translation?

I translate in English & Hindi.

Urgency for Proofreading?

I evaluate web copies inside out.

Worried About Headlines?

I create purposeful headlines.

Desiring a Writer?

I write web content across niches.

Inviting Demo Requests

Test the quality of my work before hand. I am happy to pitch sample copies as per your professional requirement.

I believe in ethical working and thus, don’t mind being evaluated for my work at the onset of a project or a campaign.

How much do I charge for sample copies?

I don’t keep a pricing for sample copies. If you like my work, I’ll polish the sample provided and make it professional for your usage.

Is the pricing of my work on an hourly basis?

I commit to hourly or project wise price points for the promised deliverables based on mutual understanding of both parties involved. 

Do I pre-book your slot with a token amount?

Yes. You can pre-book your slot by paying a minimal token amount. This is done to avoid any last minute change in commitment.

Your Goals Are My Priority. I Am In It To Win It For You!

I agree to work with people and organisations, I believe in as a purpose driven professional. Commiting to a project implies that I will go all in and match the goals you need fulfilled at the earliest.

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