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Sprout of Taste on Potpourri Plate


India is famous for its spicy mixtures,

The queen of all gingerly picked textures.

This veg potpourri is no exception with cereals, lentils, and veggies in a tangy punch,

Healthy and lip-smacking in every mouthful munch.


For this taste riot, we need an assortment of 50 gms. each of the following ingredients;

Steamed, sprouted green gram and chickpeas, puffed rice and crunchy cornflakes, and spicy condiments.

Green coriander and chilies, one big tomato, and onion chopped finely,

A tamarind- jaggery puree and mint- ginger paste smoothened evenly.


A big glass bowl ready to lap the dry materials first,

Spike them with a dash of rock salt and pepper, must.

Add the raw pastes in the end and mix with a large spatula,

The nude mixture will glisten, wearing the green brownish aqua.


A strong waft will rise like a dish fire-cooked,

When the crispy cereals and sturdy lentils soften in layers, soaked.

Now add a spoon of melted fresh butter for the grease,

That makes the luscious mixture moist to be swallowed with ease.


Keep your freshly chopped raw veggies aside in separate bowls,

Add them each as toppings when the serving calls.

A tinge of lemon juice will let the gastronomical juice flow,

Squeeze it out fresh just before the hunger bugle blow.


The dish is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates,

Will nourish the health of a hungry soul that wilts.

This is a full-fledged meal but often in India served as a snack,

Locally called ‘Mumbaiya Bhel Puri’, many a street vendors jack.