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Home Schooling for Children Globally

I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special systems of education. They seem to me to be built upon the supposition that every child is a kind of idiot who must be taught to think.”

Anne Sullivan

This quote is from one of the world’s best teachers who taught the deaf and dumb girl, Helen Keller at home to become the world’s first graduate of her kind.

The fact that she was homeschooled holds much importance in the post-pandemic phase of education. It is going deaf and dumb to the needs of children, today.

Let me tell you why homeschooling would be the best option to educate any child in a country that is obsessed with formal schooling –

Cost Saving Affair

Today more than half of the salary of parents is spent to educate children. Parents have to work harder to make the costly education accessible to their children.

Homeschooling would reduce that cost to a bare minimum.

Strong Bonding Between Parents & Children

Another thing that is weakening nowadays is parent-child bonding as parents lack time for them due to the necessity given above.

Thus, homeschooling will bring back the loving relationship in the families solving so many emerging behavioural challenges in the children.

Visibility of Children’s Latent Talent

In the rush of our daily routine, we are oblivious of the children’s hidden talents. Research shows that when parents spend considerable time with their children, only then do they know the real potential of the future adults they are trying to raise.

Protects the Child from Society’s Negativity

A school is a miniature society and shares its negativities too. Recent findings by UNICEF, such as the one shared below are evidence that schools have been breeding grounds for many crimes against children. 


We can protect our kids from being abused in the name of education and let the schools, as well as society, reflect on where they are going wrong.

An Opportunity to Learn Informally from Life Experiences

It is a well established fact that education is not just bookish knowledge but comprises the overall awareness of the child. Parents, as well as home tutors, have vast experiences to be shared with the young generation about the family traditions, the culture of the place, and even their vocational skills.

Together they can help the child to be fully rooted in one’s native culture while striving towards being a globalized citizen.

Thus, I bat for homeschooling as the most viable option to meet today’s dynamic educational needs.